About Us

Formed at the end of the last century, the band has developed through a love of performing good music, enjoying strong friendships and having a great time. It wouldn't be rock 'n roll (we do like it) if personnel didn't change now and then (less frequently than Simon's shirts), so singers and guitarists have come and then gone, some to enjoy motherhood, others to pursue different musical dreams. But the core of the band rocks solidly on and our current line-up is as strong, vibrant, lively and full of harmonies as ever.

Laura Kirby - Lead Vocals


Living out a childhood dream of being a rock chick, our brilliant singer Laura is loving life. Although now officially confirmed as a rubbish tambourine player, Laura nails every song and definitely rocks like a chick!


Simon Clay - Lead Vocals / Guitar / Harmonica

Following a varied and financially unrewarding career in the dangerous world of rock music, Simon accidentally ended up in the bosom of Wishful Thinking.  When not on stage enthralling the audience with his sublime vocals, he fiddles with amps, cables and mixing desks (or props up the bar).  A self confessed geek, Si will use unnecessary acronyms on the supposition that everyone thinks he knows what he's talking about.  The unrivalled socks symbol of the band.


Paul Johnson -
Piano / Keyboards / Percussion / Vocals


'Jools' is a Freddie Mercury-loving pylon-hating sax-learning Labrador-nurturing Yamaha-sponsored red devil.  He craves a good melody, will tap the ivories all night and can be seen driving erratically around the Cotswolds in a Landie 'sports' full of keyboards.  He's the reserve energy pack of the group and along with Adman, a founding member of the band.



Adam Stinson -
Bass / 12-String Guitar / Violin / Vocals


He couldn't learn piano, so played violin.  He didn't have a guitar, so blagged a friend's.  When he made the joyful transition from orchestras and string quartets to folk and R'nB pubs, 'Adman' never looked back.  Humming along to the muzak, the man at the till said "you're a bass player", enough to kick-start a career in heavy-gage four-string crime.  Delighted to be "just playing something", he fights out of the Blues corner.


Sam Cordery - Lead Guitar

Newest and youngest member of the band, 17 year old Sam is an eager and lively addition to the band, and can be seen twiddling out those solos all night long!



Steve Barton - Drums

Dreams of being a rock guitarist were shattered, so Steve plays the drums instead, quite well infact!